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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2009|05:08 am]
I got the job.
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Update [Jun. 29th, 2009|04:33 pm]
So what's been going on with me? Since the end of the semester I have been working on random projects. This last week was the course redesign workshop where we had instructors from different schools come in to show them some of our methods and success stories from the Math Teaching and Learning Center (Math TLC). I was talking to a rep from the textbook whose software we use. There may be a possibility of doing some contract work for them and, even scarier, a QA job. We'll have to see what happens.
Today, I came in early to help get the Upward Bound students enrolled in the CourseCompass/MyMathLab course I created. After a few glitches, I got it up and running. I'm currently pretending to continue my development of the course...you can see how well that is going.
The Springboard program is coming along slowly. It will be the focus of all of my attention next month (and probably the latter half of this month).
I will also be teaching Precollege the last three Tuesdays of this month. I do not have a lot planned, but I will only have the students for two hours each.
Finally, tomorrow I am going in for an interview and teaching demonstration for the one-year position opening here for this Fall. I am not as much nervous as frustrated as to why I have to give a teaching demo to people that I have worked with for two years, but I suppose it can really only help my chances of getting the job.
It is possible I will be in the Baraboo/Madison area this weekend.
Sorry for the boring. I will let people know about the job once I hear.
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Nothing [Jun. 6th, 2009|10:44 pm]
Pardon me, but the Sailor Jerry's may have taken over this post.
Firstly, if you have an Xbox 360, you need to buy "Braid" as soon as possible. If you are more of a disc person (meaning you do not have any form of interwebz hooked up to your Xbox) you need to get "Portal" which can be found on "The Orange Box." I guess if you do have your Xbox hooked up, you could get both...Hmmm...
Anyway, I have been busy with random summer projects. I will certainly be making more this summer than last summer...which is a good thing. I hope to make it home to visit my niece next weekend for her birthday, but I may end up too busy to do so.
shin_shoryuken and sexy_sausalito seem to be doing well, which is always good.
I played through most of Resident Evil 5 with nausicaa1 and "C-dog" last weekend...good times.
Well, I'm off to watch some TV and maybe play some games.
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School year wrap up [May. 9th, 2009|10:15 pm]
I realize I have not updated in quite a while.
In school news, the semester is coming to a close. I am fairly pleased with how it all went. I was teaching one new class this semester (Finite Mathematics) which was interesting. I had never seen or worked with Simplex Tableaus, so that was kind of neat. Something weird about it was I felt the first half of the semester was much harder, but my students found the second half to be more difficult. Weird.
I will have to apply, basically, for the job I am doing now if I want to come back to Stout next school year. I am not really worried, because even if I do not get the job I have good skills and feel very competent in many things. We'll have to wait and see.
I finally broke down and bought some new electronics. I have a new flat-screen TV, surround sound system, and Xbox 360. I am happy with all of it (and it's all paid for already) so that is good.
Otherwise, I have a few projects going this summer. I will be a workshop instructor at "Combining Technology with Traditional Approaches to Increase Success Rates in Remedial and Introductory Math Courses." Long title, but we will basically be bringing in some instructors from other colleges and working with then in the software we use and showing off our Math Teaching and Learning Center.
I will also be teaching pre-college (the math part anyway), helping out with Upward Bound (though not teaching at it this summer), and doing a springboard program for incoming Minority students.
That should be enough to keep me out of trouble (and have actual income) for the summer.
My personal life is fairly static. Every few weekends I head over to visit Matt and Molly in the cities. Mike and Dom made it up to visit for a weekend (during which we threw a lot of disc golf). Jake is possibly headed up at the end of the month for a few days to just hang out.
Well, that wall of text is, by far, large enough. I'm going to do a crossword puzzle...
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Quick Reviews [Oct. 13th, 2008|08:04 pm]
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So I've been doing all right. My birthday party was a success, as I'm told, and I've been plugging along at work, trying to get some stuff ready for next summer's grant I'm in on. Anyway, I thought I would post a few reviews of some of the Wii Ware I've been playing with.

Megaman 9 Despite what some people thought, this is a hardcore Megaman game that is a total throwback to the series' roots. It plays (and looks, and sounds) nearly identical to Megaman 2, one of my personal favorites. It is not easy, but it is, in all ways, all things to all people. If you love Megaman, have ever loved Megaman, or are thinking about falling in love with Megaman, this is the game for you.
The downloadable content is fairly fun as well (at least what they have released). They have a mode where you can play as Protoman through the game, which is a nice challenge. They also have "endless" mode which has been a ton of fun.
All in all for $10 (or $15 with both downloadable pieces) you can't get much better than this.

Helix This dancing/rhythm game was pretty fun for what it is. Basically there is an onscreen robot that you are supposed to mimic over the bars that float across the screen. You play holding two wiimotes (one in each hand) and basically do some crazy dance stuff to random techno music. I've enjoyed it for the most part, but it does feel a little like exercise so I don't pull it out late at night or after I've had a beer.

Bomberman Blast Basically the newest version of bomberman. It supports up to 8 players (though I've only played it alone) and online play. The stages are fairly unique and the power-ups are basically straight from the DS game (with the exception of the jetpack, which is basically like the shield). If you've enjoyed previous bomberman titles and do not want the story mode, this is a good buy.

Art Style: Orbient This was so worth the $6. It is a port of a game for the GBA (Japan only). The actual game play only uses two buttons. The idea is this: you are a small planet and you want to absorb similarly sized planets to get larger. If you pass close to a planet smaller than yourself, it becomes a satellite. The two buttons do the following: one makes planets (and some other objects, though not all) pull you with gravity in proportion to their mass, while the other button makes planets push you away, again in proportion to their mass.
The ultimate goal of any stage is to become large enough to get the target as a satellite.
Tons of fun, very soothing (except when some random object causes you to crash), and very highly recommended. It was so good I'm considering picking up the next Art Style game that came out today.

Defend your Castle This title makes me laugh. Basically if you have 2-4 people and want to waste an afternoon, download this title. The idea, if it can be called one, of this game is to pick up little button headed men trying to attack your castle and throw them into the air so they fall to their deaths. You can upgrade your castle with archers (shoot oncoming enemies), mages (let you cast spells), architects (slowly fix your castle), and one-shot bombers. As you progress more types of enemies show up and they come in greater numbers. Good. Random. Fun.

Anyway I need to go watch some Charmed and eat some dinner.
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Nostalgia [Aug. 25th, 2008|10:37 pm]
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I have been in the process of rearranging my apartment. Instead of having my elliptical machine in my guest bedroom, I decided to move it to my storage room. What does that mean? Well, for one I had to move my storage out of said room.
So I've been going through old boxes, reorganizing, repacking, seeing things I haven't since well before I moved to Menomonie, etc.
Any-hoo I saved my boxes of photos (either from Mom or from random other events that I took pictures at) for near the end, so I would have something to look forward to.
I learned several things going through the photos.

  • My great-grandparents (on my father's father's side) were married at least 65 years. (A photo had "65th Wedding Anniversary" on the back and dad was able to confirm this was possible).
  • My mother was amazing at keeping track of my life. I have a baby book. I have pictures from every birthday from 1-18(-ish). I have pictures from Halloween from 2-15(-ish). I have pictures from basically all points of my life.
  • Apparently, despite my memory, I did not wear my "big-ass" pumpkin costume two Halloween's in a row. Though, I may have worn it for "The biggest pumpkin" program in elementary school (this was in my "baby book" as something I participated in.)
  • I still greatly miss my friend I lost. Sandy was an angel.
  • I have plenty of pictures ready for Mike's wedding. Don't ask now, but if you're there be sure to find me.
  • Despite my sincere hatred of a certain Dan, he was really great to me in High School.
  • There is someone that jaded me and I, apparently, still have feelings for her. Otherwise I don't feel that looking at pictures of her would raise so much ire in me.
  • There are a lot of people that I am related to that I do not know the names of.
  • I have a deeper interest in my family tree than I thought I did. (Despite having to my great-grandparents on both sides, thanks again mom.)
  • I should look into buying a scanner and organizing all of my photos. (And sharing, of course.)
  • Poy-poy, b*tch.

Anyway, time to shove all of my trading cards into boxes, and then shove those boxes into a closet.
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Illness Update [Jul. 16th, 2008|11:41 am]
I hate doing updates from my computer at work (not because I feel like I shouldn't be doing them from here, but because my browser here does not have automatic spell check whenever I type.) However, I feel I should probably let people know how I'm doing. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty good. The antibiotics are working, I'm just not sure what they're working on.
I think I'm on the mend, which is good because I have a bachelor party to attend/run coming up in a couple weeks. Well, less than that. (For those of you who don't know shin_shoryuken and sexy_sausalito are getting married.) It should be a good afternoon of drinking and fun. I just hope I remember how after all this illness.
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Illness Update - Sunday Morning [Jul. 13th, 2008|10:03 am]
Note to self: Buy a thermometer next time I go to town.
Yesterday during the day was fairly similar to Friday. Some chills, some hot spells, dizzy, tired, aches (head, joint, body, about everything but stomach). The real highlight of the illness yesterday came at 10:30 PM. Around 9 PM I was very warm, so I opened up 4 windows (2 each facing east and west). Shortly thereafter I passed out on the couch. After sleeping through my phone going off twice, I woke up at 10:30 to take my antibiotic. FREEZING. According to the local news it was a chilly 53 degrees. 53! That is t-shirt weather. Anyway, I was shivering. I knew I needed to make it to the bedroom and cover up with all of my sheets. So I made a run for it, wrapped the sleeping bag I had been covered up with around my body as best I could, shut all the windows, made my bed, and crawled under the covers. To my fevered brain's calculation, it took about 25 minutes under a full set of winter blankets and my sleeping bag for me to stop shivering and finally feel warm. (Of course, hours later I woke up baking and I had to take off all of the blankets and open the window by my bed.)
On another note, I had a lot of vivid, strange dreams last night, including one very long, sad dream. I could do without that, at least until I feel better, okay brain?
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Illness Update [Jul. 12th, 2008|08:08 am]
Well after spending 2 hours in the clinic/hospital yesterday, having three blood tests, one urine sample, a chest x-ray, and a chest CT scan we know the following: I probably have some kind of infection, I have a calcified granuloma on my (left?) lung, my doctor doesn't think it is lymes disease, and I still feel like crap. I was, somehow, able to stay awake from 7:30 AM until I got home from the doctor's (around 5 PM), and a little longer. Then I crashed hard, waking only to eat and take medications.
Speaking of, I should go eat something now.
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Side effect of stupididty [Jul. 11th, 2008|12:34 pm]
I'm almost certain I have lyme disease. Stupid ticks. I'm all but sure it is from the stupid Middle School course.
Yesterday I had a headache and was cold all morning in the office. I decided it must just be cold in the building. I went over the the Cafe to get some lunch, decided it was too cold there to eat. Got my lunch and ate outside. Still cold, head hurting, I went home.
From around 3-6-ish I passed out on my couch. Then I got up, struggled to make something for dinner, ate, and decided, around 8, that I should go back to bed. Besides waking up a couple times to go to the restroom, I slept until 7:30 AM.
Realizing this is way too much sleep for a normal person, I looked up lyme disease. Well, in order to have that I should have a tick bite with a rash around it. I had pulled a full-grown tick off of my neck about two days ago. It was just crawling around, but I was worried I would have to check my scalp for the bite (which would be...difficult...to say the least. My reward for not getting a hair cut in over a year.)
Well, three days ago, I had found a very small black insect somewhere, well, where you couldn't see it just about no matter what I was wearing. I pulled it off and tried to throw it on my coffee table, but I lost it somewhere. Low-and-behold, this morning when I locked myself into a bathroom stall I found the tick and rash. Panicked, I tore the tick off and put it in the toilet.
Thankfully my usual doctor has an opening at 2:40 PM today. Now I just have to try to stay awake for it.
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